ThinkLikeWarrenBuffett.com users can pick from a number of stocks and find out what price Warren Buffett would attach to that stock.

Warren Buffett would always take a long term view of a minimum of 2 years, through to 5 years, 10 years, 30 years and beyond. As individual investors tend to have a 9-month horizon, ThinkLikeWarrenBuffett.com tweaks Warren Buffett's method in order to provide a 9-month view on a stock.

Easy-to-understand valuation graphs are provided for each stock by ThinkLikeWarrenBuffett.com in order for the investor to reach a view on the stock.

Risk-adjusted performance graphs are also available for each stock.

Our sole aim is to provide more information to investors in order to complement the rich variety of views available in the public space and in financial markets.